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From: Phillip Monchamp

Wednesday, 3:04pm

The biggest problems with moving from piano or other keyboard to the organ are:

  • What to do with all the buttons
  • What do you do with more than one keyboard
  • What to do with your feet?
  • Every organ is different.
  • When I play, it sounds boring.
  • How to play confidently in front of people

If any of the above describes you, then you're in the right place. Because I'm going to share with you the techniques behind playing the organ that most people don't know and will never know.

But first, let me tell you who I am, and why you should listen to me.

Hi, my name Philip Monchamp. I have an Associate Degree in Music Education, and I have been a church organist for over thirty years now, and am considered to be one of the best organists in the area.

One of the problems I have seen over the years is when a pianist attempts to play the organ. They struggle with the stop tabs. they tend to play only one keyboard. They tend to strike notes which makes the music sound choppy.

I can understand how they felt about this problem, because I have never been taught this either. As an organist in my own parish, when I visited other parishes with another organs. It was a challenge to figure out what to do with the new instrument. If you have never played the organ, the problem is even more difficult.

If you want to learn exactly how to play the organ, here's what you need to know:

  • Important differences between the piano and organ
  • What the buttons are for and how to use them properly
  • What lead sheets are and how they apply to the organ
  • How to organize sounds
  • How to arrange music for organ
  • The four sounds to keep in your back pocket
  • How to use the foot pedals, and enhance your playing
  • Enhance your organ using MIDI
  • The common mistakes people make and how to avoid them

Each of these steps are crucial when learning the organ.

Important differences between the Piano and the Organ

The piano and organ may both have black and white keys, but that is about as far as the similarity goes. Learn the differences in touch and action, and how this changes the way you approach playing and fingering the keyboard.

What the buttons are for and how to use them properly to get the most out of your sound

The organ has a lot of buttons on it called 'stops'. Learn what types of stops there are, how to use them, and when understood, leave you wanting even more of them.

What lead sheets are and how they apply to the organ

Much popular music is available as 'Lead Sheets' featuring just the melody and guitar chords. Learn how to apply these to the organ for full bodied arrangements.

How to organize sounds

Many musicians who first try the organ tent to find an 'organ' sound that sounds alright and go with that. The organ is more about complementing and contrasting sounds against each other to make interesting music. Learn the families of sounds on the organ and how to use them with each other.

How to arrange music for organ

The organ is a one man orchestra. Learn different simple styles that can be applied to any tune, and used in combination with different sounds to make interesting arrangements.

The four sounds to keep in your back pocket

When faced with a strange instrument, changing sounds live in real time can be a real challenge. Here are the four sounds that I use to give me the greatest musical variety with the least changes in stops.

How to use the foot pedals, and enhance your playing

Playing the pedals can really give that solid bottom to your playing, but it takes a lot of practice. It is in fact learning to play another keyboard with your feet. I can show you some simple tricks that can give you at least some of the benefits of pedals with a minimum of practice.

Enhance your organ using MIDI

Keyboardists have known for years the benefits of MIDI to expand the sounds of their keyboards, and to automate playing with sequencers. Many newer organs have this capability and I can show you how to get started using a computer connected to the organ.

The common mistakes people make and how to avoid them

Did you know that most Hammond organs have a 'Starter' switch as well as an 'On ' switch? Like a car, you turn them on and then engage the starter to get them going. I have been at choir rehearsals where we were delayed because 'the organ didn't work' and all because the organist did not know about the starter. I will give you a grab bag of simple things that have tripped people up when dealing with a strange instrument.

You want me to spend How Much for lessons?

Organ lessons are expensive, $35 to $75 in my local area. You already know how to play piano, (If you don't, see our bonus below) and many times the material covered in my course are expected to be learned by osmosis from watching the instructor. Even if you are currently taking organ lessons, for the price of one lesson, you can have this valuable resource.

Isn't it worth $29.95 to have this lifelong skill? Of course it is.

So I'm excited to introduce..

How to Play the Organ


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How to Play Piano

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If you do not already play piano or other keyboard, this bonus may be just for you. Here is what it includes:

  • Why play the piano
  • Looking at the piano
  • The Home Keys and A to G
  • What are Scales?
  • Reading music: Introduction
  • The Lines and the Spaces
  • Written piano music and Rhythm
  • Keys and Key Signature
  • Get it together with Chords
  • The Big Fake and Improvisation
  • Sight-Reading written music
  • Music terminology for beginners
  • Finding anc choosing music to play
  • Practicing on your own
  • The Small Spotlight: playing for friends and family
  • Playing for Public Events
  • Tips for beginning piano players
  • Lessons and Piano Teachers

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Philip Monchamp


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